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Welcome to Fresh Start of Florida

We help you find the best solution to solving your financial problems.

Regardless of where you are at in your financial life there is always a starting point to achieving financial security. Assessing your current situation and coming up with a plan to move forward is a first critical step. Fresh Start Florida offers a free and easy way to get started by providing a consultation, financial analysis of your situation and recommendations for a plan of action. Wether you have an issue with credit cards, taxes or your home loan there is a solution for you and we can help you find it. Best of all our service is absolutely free for all consumers of Florida and you can start right now by requesting your free consultation

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Fresh Start Credit Card Relief

Learn which debt relief program may fit your needs best with a free Fresh Start Consultation. Private, Free and without obligation you can get a plan to help solve the most difficult debt isues..

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Getting honest and real answers is your first step in solving your debt issues. Speak with a debt relief professional and get a free full consultation. Start Here

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Financial Security Research

Becoming financially independent is pretty simple, save more pay less. However, what are the simple steps to make this happen? How do you go from being in debt to building a secure financial future? How to wealthy people become wealthy. They have a plan and no matter the income you have or debts you owe you can create a plan for success as well. Learn how

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